The resolution of the participants of the public meeting on 17th April 2011

Public Chamber, Baku, Azerbaijan.

People want  key reforms!

Considering urgency of

–          Real political, economic and social reforms

–          Conduct of an extra-ordinary  parliamentary elections

–          Preparation of a  new draft of Constitution

–          Restoration of proportional system of elections

–          Elimination of all legal and executive obstacles in implementation of  basic human rights and freedoms, such as  freedom of assembly, expression, religion and conscience.

–          Investigation of corrupt activities of the ministers and other members of central  executive organs  in a transparent manner and for the time of investigation interruption  of their activities in office.

–          Undertaking specific steps in just distribution of the oil revenues, such as increase of pensions, minimum salaries and other social benefits two times, including restoration of social protection of mothers and children, return of the savings of citizens, which they had in the Soviet period,  and other measures,

The participants of the meeting demand:

1.       To condemn application of the teargas, batons and violent methods against the participants of peaceful rallies, especially beating and tortures in the handcuffed condition in the buses, police offices and prisons, to disclose and to punish the organizers and executors of these violent actions; to immediately release participants of the rally on the 2nd of April 2011, who were already recognized by the Amnesty International as  “prisoners of conscience” – Arif Hajili, Tural Abbasly, Mecid Memmedli, Shahin Hesenli, Ahad Mammedli and others.

2.       To continue peaceful mass rallies with the demand of key reforms.

3.         Regardless of the specific  situation during the rallies or a public meeting, to create conditions  for the peaceful  conduct of the meeting. In case, if the provocateurs, or official structures apply force, to abstain from and prevent  any violent response.

CoE head sends letter of disappointment to Aliyev

New Europe  3 April 2011 – Issue : 929

Thorbjorn Yagland, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, expressed concern over situation regarding pluralism of political debate, freedom of expression and freedom of association in Azerbaijan, Trend news agency reported.

In his letter addressed to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, Yagland said he is concerned over arrests of the youth activists and representatives of opposition parties.

Several developments are causing concern with regard to the commitments and obligations in the fields of the protection and promotion of human rights, pluralist democracy and the rule of law Azerbaijan subscribed to on becoming a member state of the Council of Europe, Yagland said.

The Secretary General called for a change to the very restrictive approach to the freedom of Assembly, following the number of recent arrests prior to the demonstrations held in Baku on 11-12 March.

He also expressed his disappointment with failure of Azerbaijani authorities to implement the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in case of journalist Eynulla Fatullayev.

The Secretary General reiterated the offer to help the Azerbaijan authorities to bring the legislation and the administrative and judicial practices in protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms to the level expected from a member State of the Council of Europe.

Yagland expressed readiness to visit Baku to discuss the mentioned issues with Aliyev and his administration.



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